Soil Stabilizing Works

Capsoil clear (Ahlia Chemical’s Product) is a unique modified polymer & water based formulation and specially developed to prevent soil erosion. It is attributed to the chain length and strength of polymer molecules and its ability to penetrate the substrate and fix sand particles and forming a tough water resistant and resilient continuous film that resists soil erosion by wind attack. Capsoil clear is free of toxic solvents, does not contaminate ground water, harmless to both plants and animals, hence, it does not cause any environmental pollution, ideally suited, fast drying and does not leach or wash away.

It intended to suppress and control drifting sand dunes and suppressing sand storms. And also used for dust control on construction sites and military areas.

Abir has successfully applied Ahlia Chemical’s product soil stabilizing product via injection methods and automatic sprays. Recently we have done many successful mockups at prestigious projects.

ABIR stabilized:

  • Loose sands.

  • Erosion control of embankments.

  • Landscaping.

  • Hydro speeding.