Fire Rated Sprayed Polyurethane Foam System

ABIR specializes in executing thermal insulation works using Fire Rated Sprayed Polyurethane Foam System (SPF). To do the SPF we have all in-house facilities available coupled with well-trained executer. Our product has triple action, it gives the solution to water leakage issues and at a same time it gives Thermal Insulation plus as it is Fire Rated material, that helps in stopping the spread of flame in case of fire.

SPF has many advantages:

  • Its rigid and light weight.

  • It can be applied easily with a small number of workers.

  • It can be applied on any surface which can take the shape of the surface.

  • Self-adhesive to all surfaces.

  • Reduces the cost of air condition equipment & warming which retain the inside temperature.

  • Can be considered as acoustic.

  • Used in cavity fillings.

  • It is the only solution for the KYRBY roof for water proofing.