Anti Carbonation Coating

ABIR has started Anti-Carbonation Coating Works in the year 2015 for RA-167 Jamal Abdul Nasser Street Project. Later, RA-121 & RA-256 added to our list of projects. We have an experience in executing around 650,000 square meter of work.

ABIR has an assortment of all necessary equipment including Access equipment – Boom lifts, Scissors lifts, Scaffoldings Vehicles – Trucks with set of compressors, generator and spray machine for spray applications, crane equipped trucks, half lorries, Vanettes for sites, labor transport buses, utility vehicles etc.

Anti-carbonation coating is weather & water resistant modified Acrylic dispersion material specially formulated to give protection against carbonation, UV rays, chloride attack, crack bridging and to provide water permeability. Designed to allow concrete to breath without detracting from adhesion. It protects concrete against carbon dioxide and salts (chlorides and sulphates). Design formulated as a decorative & protective coating for concrete structures.