Arab Building Industrial Resources Company W.L.L (“ABIR” or “the Company”) was established in 1981 with a capital of KD 250 000 as a Kuwaiti limited liability company for carrying out general trading and contracting works

The Company is a 100% owned subsidiary of Ahlia Chemicals Company which in turn is 100% owned by one of the largest equity investments company “National International Holding Company K.S.C.C.” Kuwait

ABIR is a multi disciplined civil works sub contractor with desired knowledge, experience and resources to undertake projects of any size within Kuwait and GCC countries

While we continue to focus on executing waterproofing sub contracts largely, we offer the following range of services

  • Bridge Deck Waterproofing System

  • Anti-Carbonation Coating System

  • Waterproofing / Damp Proofing Works

  • Thermal Insulation works

  • Fire Rated Sprayed Polyurethane Foam System (SPF)

  • Industrial Flooring & Topping System

  • Dust Control & Soil Stabilizer Works

  • Small Insulation Finishing System (SIFS)

  • Sprayed Fire Protection System on Steel

Over the years, the Company has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know how and experiences in civil works and engineered solutions


To procure projects at competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame.


To be a respectable contracting company delivering beyond expectations of the clients, always.


Create detail schedule & resources plan, Communicate clearly with stakeholders, Track project progress and fine tune deviations, Supervise closely, Complete and commission the project on time.

We undertake regular site safety audits of our worksites to monitor our own compliance with safety regulations and practices and have a procedure in place for the investigation and reporting of accidents.

ABIR is conveniently located in Subhan Industrial Area for ready access to any project site within the State of Kuwait

ABIR employs and maintains a stable and experienced work force of about 150 skilled labour with the necessary qualifications to meet the strict quality requirements of local government authorities and project consultants. Our contract managers have the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage the most technically demanding projects.

Whilst at ABIR we actively tender on small to large projects, we have many repeat clients within the State of Kuwait

Our private clients include, construction companies, organizations, contractors, property developers, and private individuals

Our government clients include Kuwait’s Public Authority for Housing Welfare, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Electricity Water, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health etc We are usually engaged by main contractors to government authorities in order to undertake the sub contracts

We are often invited at the early stages of a project to add value up front instead of the traditional tender process